Id GR-202041001
Date 05.10.2020 until 09.10.2020
Target group

This Operation Advanced Training is aimed for marine engineers and technical staff involved directly or indirectly in operation and supervision of above listed WinGD engine types taking into consideration various bore segments and the common Engine Control System UNIC-DF.


Applicants should demonstrate a good theoretical knowledge of 2-stroke slow speed diesel engines and have certain operational experience on RT-series or similar conventional / common rail engines. It is expected, that applicants have completed the basic gas operation (STCW V/1-2-1) or its equivalent.

Objective of the Training Course

Participants will learn WinGD electronically controlled engine features and deepen their knowledge on engine components and functionality of all engine systems. Particular focus is put on the Engine Control System UNIC-DF and its integration into the vital engine systems, i.e. fuel injection, liquid and gas fuel system, servo oil and cylinder lubrication, etc. Theoretical lectures are enriched with W-Xpert virtual engine room simulator sessions. This allowing the use of simulated UNIC-DF operator’s interface Local Display Unit (LDU), therefore optimising engine operation and dealing with various scenarios of engine failure.

Operation Advanced Training also contains operational experience and various service aspects.

Course Location

By default, training courses are offered at one of the WinGD Training Centres. Upon request the course can also be delivered in alternative locations, these include WinGD training partners, ship owners and/or crewing agency premises or even on-board ship. In such cases hardware demonstration parts may be limited, however W-Xpert simulator based sessions and the content of the course will not differ from courses offered at WinGD Training Centres.

Duration of Training Course

Five (5) working days

Content of course
  • Introduction to the WinGD Dual Fuel technology
  • RT-flex and W-X Dual Fuel Engine design
  • Dual Fuel components
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • FlexLub cylinder lubrication system
  • UNIC-DF engine control system
  • Operator’s Interface - Local Display Unit (LDU)
  • Simulator training
Duration 5 Working Days
Venue Technava Training Centre Shisto
Industrial Park of Shisto
18863 Perama
  • Instructor: Kalfas Alexandros
  • Coordinator: Veveakis Alexandros
Max. number of seats 5 Available seats: 5
Registration period from 14.09.2020 until 02.10.2020
Price 2500€