Id CH-201949002
Date 03.12.2019 until 05.12.2019
Target group

This WinGD Engine Introduction Training is aimed for maritime college students who will be marine engineers and will operate various WinGD electronically controlled engines.


Applicants should demonstrate a theoretical knowledge of mechanically controlled 2-stroke slow speed diesel engines.

Objective of the Training Course

Participants will learn WinGD electronically controlled engine features and flex components & their functionalities of all engine systems. Additionally, participants will familiarise themselves with WinGD electronically controlled engines with flex components hands-on training & engine operation simulator training.

Course Location

By default, training courses are offered at one of the WinGD Training Centres. Upon request the course can also be delivered at customers’ premises.

Duration of Training Course

Three (3) working days

Content of course

• Introduction to the common rail technology • RT-flex and X(-DF) Engine design aspect • Flex components & working principles • Engine control systems (WECS-9520 & UNIC-flex) • Mechanical hands-on training • Simulator training

Duration 3 Day
Venue WinGD Training Center Winterthur
Sulzer Allee 19
8404 Winterthur
  • Coordinator: Stanbridge Lynne
  • Instructor: Blum Thomas
Max. number of seats 8 Available seats: 3
Registration period until 02.12.2019
Price Internal Rates apply