Consent by Training Participant

The undersigned person (“Participant”) is interested in participating in a training programme offered by Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd  (“Supplier”) or by the authorised Training Partner conducting the training on behalf WinGD.

The training is based on documents and tools owned and provided by Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. (“WinGD”). Prior to each training, the Participant will (shall?) provide some personal data, e.g. surname, name, , date of birth, nationality, e-mail address, employer, vessel, experience on 2-stroke WinGD / Wärtsilä / Sulzer engines. Such information, together with the test results/number of issued certificate, will be stored in a database maintained by a third-party IT service provider located in Switzerland.,. Only WinGD, the Supplier as well as the third-party IT service provider (together “Processors”) will have access to such database.

The Processors will use such information only to the extent required for the performance of trainings, incl. the issuance of the respective training certificates, and not, without prior written approval by the Participant, provide any of these personal data to any third party. The Processors are, however, from time to time and upon explicit request, entitled (a) to send a list showing the names of the Participants to their respective employers and / or (b) to send a copy of the issued certificate to company which ordered the training.